Escape artist

Sleeping bag


Baby sleeping bags, otherwise known as grow bags seem to be de
rigour these days. Nothing quite so satisfying as snuggling your little one up in their weird duvet/dress combo ready for a night’s sleep.

When we had Evie, we seemed to acquire quite a few of these in
various shades of pink but they were hardwearing enough to still be in good shape when we had Jonah.

Now whether it was the pink that he objected to (surely a one-year old is not that sensitive) or perhaps it was the whole I’m in a weird duvet/dress, Jonah did not like these things. But we persevered because we were assured that they were the key to sleeping through the night.

Most of the flimsy ones with poppers at the top were just useless. After a sweaty struggle to get him in it, within a few angry flailings, he would be out again and we would have to repeat the same painful process (the pain was all ours) all over again.

But then I found one that I swear even Houdini would have had
issues getting out of. his one was industrial strength with a huge zipper at the front that required a two-man effort to do up. No silly poppers and there was literally no way anyone was getting out of that thing, or so we thought.

The 3am shouting started but we were determined to let him cry it out for a bit, he was safe in his grow bag in his cot, eventually he would just lie back down and go to sleep.

But we were wrong because what we heard next was a loud thud
and a sort of victory grunt. We ran in. here was Jonah in his vest and nappy on the floor mid tantrum and in the cot the grow bag, zip still done up. he boy had got out of it escapology style.

To this day I have never worked out how he did it. Did he manage to undo the zip, pull it off and do it back up to freak us out or was he that angry about being in it, he acquired superman type strength to get out of it? We will never know I guess but that was the night we decided no more cot, we will face whatever a toddler in a bed could throw at us.


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