The check shirt


I blame Woody from Toy Story.

That fantastic film that captures the hearts and minds of children and adults alike has caused somewhat of a wardrobe malfunction in our house.

Because from the age of about 3.5 when Jonah first got into these films, all he will wear is a check shirt. (Trousers too, that would be too weird to just wear trousers.)

When it first happened I didn’t really get it and would wrestle him into a jumper or T-shirt only to cause him to have a huge tantrum.

Only when he was able to articulate more he could explain to me that he just preferred shirts.

This would cause disagreements at home. My mum couldn’t understand why I just let him wear his beloved checked shirts when we had a whole wardrobe of clothes for him.

But as someone who also loves clothes, on a very superficial level I thought, why not let him wear what he feels comfortable in. Or in his own words what he felt was smart.

But looking back at it, I think it may also be about him having
control over this one area of his life.

So I would say quite simply, pick your battles and don’t sweat the small stuff. And perhaps even go with it a bit.

The joy when I found check shirt pyjamas was something to behold. In fact we have check shirts for every season and anyway he looks good rockin’ the cowboy look.

Plus it could have been worse, he could have wanted to be Buzz Lightyear!


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