Before I change my mind…

OK, so I going to write this blog really quickly before I change my mind. I’m going to write a book. There I’ve said it, it’s out there, I’ve got to do it.

Call it an early New Year’s resolution. Now, I’m a writer so this shouldn’t be too scary, but it is. I’ve written thousands of words and on hundreds of different subjects but the audience has always been quite forgiving.

The book I’m proposing has a readership who will quite literally chuck away all my hard work if it’s not up to scratch. If they don’t like it, there will be no gentle encouragement, no excuses for not finishing it and no well done for trying. They will just shout ‘It’s poo’ in my face if I don’t get it right.

Yep you’ve guessed it, I’m going to write a children’s book. But a book that kids like Jonah can really relate to and learn from. We actually have one at home but it’s used as more of a punishment for when Jonah has been unkind. he words are there, the lesson is clear but it’s not very fun.

Interestingly, I’ve just read and article in which acclaimed author Julia Donaldson says that even ‘naughty’ children love to be given a part in a reading group acting out the characters. Now I don’t know if I can do this but wouldn’t it be great to have a kid’s book that can really help with teaching about behaviour in a fun way. It’s not the whole answer but it’s a great place to start for parents who are dealing with challenging children.

I’ve actually already given it a bit of a shot, although Jonah takes all the creative credit – I just wrote it down on paper. his is our first go at children’s literature. What do you think?

The Adventures of Nappy Man by Jonah Miller, age 5
Nappy Man flew off to an island and then he saw a criminal called Destroyer Nappy.

Then a fight happened and then Nappy Man shooted nappies at him and then Destroyer Nappy saw a nappy was on his head.

He said: “Grrrr why is there a nappy on my head, was it Nappy Man?”

And then Nappy Man shooted bombs at Destroyer Nappy and then the criminal got captured by the police.

And then Nappy Man shooted nappies everywhere on people and then he said: “Yay I got the criminal Destroyer Nappy.”

Everybody said: “More nappies,” so he shooted everywhere even Ancient Egypt and home.”

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